Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is the Mullet File?

In the course of our first investigation into the possibility of creating a crowd funded solution to the dilemma we have with our ancient print archive we found a wonderful example of the sort of intriguing material that has accumulated.

You can see the brief look into the file on the Indiegogo video:

The interesting thing that we look forward to investigating is the "Open Letter to President Nixon" that is part of this file.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Tesla-Marconi Wireless System (1988 video)

Friday, July 08, 2011

July 10 is Nikola Tesla Day

On July 10th, the anniversary of his birth, many people and organizations around the world will be participating in a celebration and salute to the achievements of Nikola Tesla. We would like to do our part in spreading awareness of the works of Nikola Tesla, to promote education about him, and so offer the following links to provide an initiatory basis:

"My Inventions", the Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla's autobiography, "My Inventions", was originally printed by ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER magazine in six parts, commencing in the February 1919 issue through until the June 1919 issue, and concluding in the October 1919 issue. It presents a brief look at Tesla's life, his discoveries and inventive processes, and how he envisioned his discoveries being used in the future.

Gerry Vassilatos, "The Broadcast Power of Nikola Tesla":
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

George Trinkaus, "The Tesla Mystique"
(Trinkaus discusses the storied mythology of Nikola Tesla, debunking the legends to reveal the true man behind the curtain.)

Robert Nelson, "Communicating with Mars:
The Experiments of Tesla & Hodowanec"

(A look at Tesla's unorthodox experiments in interplanetary communications)

The Ray of Discovery - Nikola Tesla
(video, 90 mins)

Whatever you end up doing this Sunday, we encourage you all to take a moment to remember and recognize this great man, and to consider how you might participate in the important work of not only preserving his legacy, but continuing to expand upon it into the future.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Ether of Space and All-Worlds

June 2011 is all about the Ether, from the Ether Vortex and Etheric Physics to Etherian Aeroforms at the Journal of Borderland Research, featuring classic Round Robin and Borderlands articles by Meade Layne, Carl F. Krafft, William F. Hamilton and others, covering a broad scope of etheric dimensions, physics of the ether, and all other things etherial.

To help spread awareness of these ether concepts, we've likewise reduced the price of the 2001 annual, "Ether/Electricity and Its Manifestations", from $14.95 to $7.95 -- while supplies last.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

James E. Bare's "Beam Ray Device"

James E. Bare, D.C., Presents—

The Beam Ray Device:
Construction, Operation, and Effects
on Selected Micro Organisms

The first half of this demonstration video shows a variety of Protozoan micro-organisms being destroyed by a plasma wave originating from the Beam Ray device. This was accomplished without direct connection, through the air, from a distance of about four to five feet. The second half of the video explains in a step by step process how easy it is to actually construct and operate the device. The video tape of micro organism destruction was made entirely with dark field illumination; this method of illumination produces higher resolution and truer color renditions than standard bright field microscopy. A variety of types of destruction of the micro organisms is shown on the video. Some organisms just die, apparently from some sort of metabolic disruption. Another organism shows the effects of internal self-digestion, apparently from lyosome destruction and release of various digestive enzymes. Most organisms just "blow up" and then disintegrate into extremely small particulate matter.

This is just one of the videos now posted on the Borderland Sciences Research Wiki. Priceless information is yours if you choose to accept it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unveiling the secrets of Medical Radionics

Gerry Vassilatos’s “The Ray of Discovery” video series—

Ray III: Medical Radionics

Three great scientists, deleted from the establishment's history program, are chronicled in this trilogy. They are names you should remember, giants in complementary scientific lore — George Starr White, Albert Abrams, and Ruth Drown. THE DELICATE REFLEX tells the tale of Dr. George Starr White, a truly gifted and original discoverer in the virtually unknown art of chromadiagnosis. His development of colorbeams (to elicit responses in the iris of the eye or the body muscles) marked the first recorded radionic diagnosis of disease. These diagnoses gave pin-point accurate results— in the 1880s! PULSES OF THE LIVING, deals with master radionics pioneer — Dr. Albert Abrams — and his remarkable methods for illustrating the etheric 'human energy' nature of health and disease. Unlike electricity, this 'human energy' could be stored in Leyden jars for up to 24 hours. These strange energies could be conducted, refracted, and tuned. His instrument, the Oscilloclast, is also described. GATEWAY OF THE FUTURE describes the life and work of Dr. Ruth Drown. Dramatically, this wonderful woman' s researches and the utter suppression of her work are defined for the viewer. Learn how Dr. Drown developed her radionic tuning instruments. Discover her famed atlas of rates, her method of treating patients with their own energies, and her mystifying 'radiovision' cameras — devices capable of photographing internal organs and tissue — even from a great distance.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

"The Ray of Discovery" shines on Nikola Tesla

In ETHERIC PHYSICS we learn about the phenomenal discoveries which led to Tesla’s great life-work. Revealed here is his conception of the ether and its relationship with our own innermost lives. We are also informed about the pathological resistance by the House of Morgan to his discoveries. Insight into the opposition of Morgan, whose daughter fell deeply in love with Tesla, reveals the formidable forces opposing all discoverers in the field of etheric energy. ECHOES OF RADIANT SPACE recounts the way in which Tesla tapped into the vast etheric reservoirs of dynamic energies. We are told how Tesla’s large designs actually yielded far more energy than they took to run. We are, finally, driven into the astonishing revelation concerning Tesla’s involvement with what later was called psychotronics. Many of his claims are actually forerunners of a new technology — yet to be revealed.

"The Ray of Discovery" series of telecasts were written and produced by Gerry Vassilatos. Each episode presents an information saturated view of a Borderland subject, providing accessible introductions to the previously unknown and obscured.