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The Nornen Coil

Cancer and Earthly Emanations

by Albert Zock

In August of 1945, the first atom bombs fell on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
In the years and decades after this inferno it was noted that under the survivors, besides other maladies, distinct increase in cancer. Scientist concluded this was the result of Nutron emanation. This brought a new question to researchers about local influences in the development of cancer. The question was: Where do we find more such Nutron emanations, besides the ones created by man himself?

Unfortunately, up to this day there are no dependable ways of measuring this kind of emanation, although it is known that the Nutron has a magnetic property, which a professional radiesthesist can easily find.

The Medical Institute at the University of Bonn in West Germany let the radiesthesist Baron von Rollshausen examines 50 rooms in which patients died of cancer. The rooms had been empty, bare of furniture. Von Rollshausen not only found the accurate place where the beds once stood, but in 48 of the 50 cases in question, determined even the organs which had been affected. In his days, the Nutron emanation had not yet been discovered.

Meanwhile French researchers found that charged electroscopes over disturbed zones lose their charges, because of the ionizing emanation from the earth within seven to eleven seconds where as on neutral grounds it takes up to one-thousand seconds.

No matter how clean the Military claim the Nutron bomb is, it is well known that all ionizing radiation can cause cancer.

The University of Marburg, Germany, scientifically examined three villages with a geophysical meter (Geoscope). Their finding was that cancer resulted exclusively over geological disturbances such as faults, whether water was present or not.

Two thousand years B.C., the Chinese before building a home searched the location with divining rods for geological disturbances and adjusted the buildings with a compass to the earth's magnetic field.

Before setting up a military camp or building a city, the Romans killed a local animal and examined its liver. If it was hardened it was assumed that vegetation and water in that region were not suited for human usage and moved on to another location.

In 1911 two European physicians, Dr. Northnagel and von Hohenfels, did not allow their patients to sleep in the same location as they had before a cancer operation, knowing that the place where one becomes cancerous is the worst place for convalescence.

It has been proven over and over again that locations which are cancer causing happen to be over strong thermo-nutronic emanation from the ground. Even the British Atlas of Mortality (Nelson & Son, London 1962-1970) contains statistical proof that the place where one lives or works has much to do with terminal cancer, but, of course, no scientific explanation is given. Anyone who avoids sleeping or working for long periods over such zones will avoid cancer. This is not an assumption but a scientifically-proven fact which is ignored although not disproved.
A pioneer in this field, Gustav von Pohl, used the 1929 cancer-death reports kept by the Statistic Office for a decade to determine the exact bands across the country where cancer occurred. Death certificates and location reports showed that not one mortality occurred even within the width of a bed outside of the established band. Further more, later reports showed that new deaths again occurred exclusively over the same sleep and work locations.

Dr. Hager, a health officer in Europe, investigated 5,348 cancer fatalities and found that cancer is locally restricted. If a disease is restricted to a lace or narrow band, it should not be surprising if it re-occurs generation after generation in the same family since the same bed location is used for sleeping, because of tradition or room layout. When successive generations die of cancer is it any surprise that people should assume the disease to be inherited, to lie in the family?
The Russian-American Engineer, Georges Lakhovsky, who invented the multiwave oscillator, came to the same conclusion. In his book, The Secret of Life, he explains how geological conditions in the earth affect and change beneficial radiations into detrimental ones: "Sand, sandstone, gravel and such are dielectric in nature and absorb external radiation to a great depth, reflecting none back to the surface , but clay, marl, alluvial deposits and mineral ores are resistant to penetration and give to secondary radiations which modify the field of external radiations. People living on such soil show the highest incidence of cancer."

The only British study is that of Dr. Alfred Hariland which is condensed in a book he published in 1892, The Geographical Distribution of Disease in Great Britain, where he points out that there is a low mortality from cancer over limestone locations in all of England and Wales, but, on the other hand, clay and flood areas are associated with high cancer mortality.

A contemporary British dowser and writer, Bruce Copen, Ph.D., D.D. Litt. not only walks in the same footsteps but at the same time shows a way out, as he explained in his book Radiesthesia for Home and Garden. Those who live over a sandy soil appear to enjoy a better night's sleep then those who sleep over granite or clay: the loss of sleep is due to cosmic radiation bouncing from the under layers of strata and being amplified by the springs of such a thing as a bed: the whole bed becomes a radio wave collector which can be remedied by suitable neutralizing the bed against these rays." Copen recommends laying a wire along the mattress and connecting it to the ground, or making an oscillator with a flexible, isolated wire fastened around the mattress, the ends overlapping about one foot on each side with one inch space in between and making sure that the positive end of the wire is on top as shown in Fig. 1. The positive and negative ends of the wire can be found by using a pendulum or substitute.

But when a whole room, house or working place is affected, neutralizing by grounding can be complicated or even impossible. In such case, the Nornen Coil comes in handy. This is a simple gadget every one can make. It consists of two conical coils, both wound in a clockwise direction only and glued together at the narrower end. Isolated 20-gauge wire will do. About 40 feet of hookup wire for each coil, the cone can be from plastic or styrofoam. The upper, positive pole connects to an antenna, the lower negative coil ground to a water pipe or the like. In many cases, metallic roof gutters can be used as antenna, but watch that the down pipe has no connection with the ground. If it has, replace the last foot or so with a plastic pipe. A coil with a diameter of two inches at the narrow end, give inches on the larger end and a height of 6 inches having 54 windings achieved complete neutralization of an area 280 feet in diameter. It is advised not to sleep to work close to the coil, keep a good distance. It has been found that iron pipes anchored in concrete blocks within a garden neutralized a circle about ten feet in diameter.
The aforementioned methods neutralize negative emanation in the environment, Lakhovsky's multi-wave oscillator was designed to cancel detrimental effects on humans, animals and plants. According to Lakhovsky, reflected and, therefore inharmonious vibrations, induce their unhealthy frequencies on living cells through the law of resonance. A cell out of its natural frequency will change its function and grow differently, which is know as cancer.

Lakhovsky's oscillator sends out waves in multiple frequencies, giving each cell an opportunity, with help from the law of resonance, to restore its harmonics. This theory has been clinically proven many times over by physicians in France, New York and elsewhere.

. The Nornen coil is easy to construct, as cone size, coil-windings and wire are not critical as long as both wire and cones are equal, and the same amount of windings of 50 or more with armature-wire or other isolated wire 25-32 gauge is okay. Hobby and notion stores sell styrofoam cones in any shape and size, about 8 inches long is fine. Cut point off and glue together after winding, and connect wires on pointed ends also.

THE BALANCING CIRCUITS of L.E. Eeman Compiled from the BSRF files
Around 1920 Englishman L.E. Eeman pioneered a system of healingbased on the bio-energy fields of the human body. He discovered thatconnecting body extremities with insulated copper wires had manybeneficial therapeutic effects. Eeman published his experimentalfindings in 1947 under the title COOPERATIVE HEALING. Since then, agrowing number of physicians and lay health practitioners have used hisdiscoveries with amazing results.

Briefly, Eeman reported these basic reactions.

First, the body asa whole seems to act like a large but very weak (subtle) magnet withpolar activity confined to the hands, feet, and spine. "This bodybehavior which suggests bi-polarity is automatic in both sexes, inhealth and disease, and it manifests in the absence of artificialenergy and not only independently of suggestion but even against it."

Secondly, in right-handed persons, the head, right hand and right footusually exhibit the same polar effect (in 99% of humans - there havebeen rare exceptions). Eeman called these the Positive Poles. Withthis established, the sacrum, left hand and left foot became theNegative Poles.

Thirdly, "..any arrangement which connects polaropposites is referred to as a relaxation circuit and any arrangementwhich connects polar similars as a tension circuit. The relaxationcircuit automatically promotes relaxation of the voluntary muscles andstimulates functional activity. It fosters sleep and recovery fromdisease. It also increases capacity for work and health in general."

The etheric energy of the body, termed the X force by Eeman, flowsaround "blockages" when in circuit. Eeman's researches went beyond theuse of the relaxation circuit by one person alone. He went on to showthat two or more persons connected together by relaxation circuits hada strong tendency to normalize each others' weaknesses, automatically.

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