Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unveiling the secrets of Medical Radionics

Gerry Vassilatos’s “The Ray of Discovery” video series—

Ray III: Medical Radionics

Three great scientists, deleted from the establishment's history program, are chronicled in this trilogy. They are names you should remember, giants in complementary scientific lore — George Starr White, Albert Abrams, and Ruth Drown. THE DELICATE REFLEX tells the tale of Dr. George Starr White, a truly gifted and original discoverer in the virtually unknown art of chromadiagnosis. His development of colorbeams (to elicit responses in the iris of the eye or the body muscles) marked the first recorded radionic diagnosis of disease. These diagnoses gave pin-point accurate results— in the 1880s! PULSES OF THE LIVING, deals with master radionics pioneer — Dr. Albert Abrams — and his remarkable methods for illustrating the etheric 'human energy' nature of health and disease. Unlike electricity, this 'human energy' could be stored in Leyden jars for up to 24 hours. These strange energies could be conducted, refracted, and tuned. His instrument, the Oscilloclast, is also described. GATEWAY OF THE FUTURE describes the life and work of Dr. Ruth Drown. Dramatically, this wonderful woman' s researches and the utter suppression of her work are defined for the viewer. Learn how Dr. Drown developed her radionic tuning instruments. Discover her famed atlas of rates, her method of treating patients with their own energies, and her mystifying 'radiovision' cameras — devices capable of photographing internal organs and tissue — even from a great distance.


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Radionics ....manifesting, and improving your health.

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