Sunday, February 06, 2011

"The Ray of Discovery" shines on Nikola Tesla

In ETHERIC PHYSICS we learn about the phenomenal discoveries which led to Tesla’s great life-work. Revealed here is his conception of the ether and its relationship with our own innermost lives. We are also informed about the pathological resistance by the House of Morgan to his discoveries. Insight into the opposition of Morgan, whose daughter fell deeply in love with Tesla, reveals the formidable forces opposing all discoverers in the field of etheric energy. ECHOES OF RADIANT SPACE recounts the way in which Tesla tapped into the vast etheric reservoirs of dynamic energies. We are told how Tesla’s large designs actually yielded far more energy than they took to run. We are, finally, driven into the astonishing revelation concerning Tesla’s involvement with what later was called psychotronics. Many of his claims are actually forerunners of a new technology — yet to be revealed.

"The Ray of Discovery" series of telecasts were written and produced by Gerry Vassilatos. Each episode presents an information saturated view of a Borderland subject, providing accessible introductions to the previously unknown and obscured.

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Sam Moore said...

Watch this trailer on my blog about Tesla. I called it the 9th Dot.