Friday, July 08, 2011

July 10 is Nikola Tesla Day

On July 10th, the anniversary of his birth, many people and organizations around the world will be participating in a celebration and salute to the achievements of Nikola Tesla. We would like to do our part in spreading awareness of the works of Nikola Tesla, to promote education about him, and so offer the following links to provide an initiatory basis:

"My Inventions", the Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla's autobiography, "My Inventions", was originally printed by ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER magazine in six parts, commencing in the February 1919 issue through until the June 1919 issue, and concluding in the October 1919 issue. It presents a brief look at Tesla's life, his discoveries and inventive processes, and how he envisioned his discoveries being used in the future.

Gerry Vassilatos, "The Broadcast Power of Nikola Tesla":
Part 1, Part 2

George Trinkaus, "The Tesla Mystique"
(Trinkaus discusses the storied mythology of Nikola Tesla, debunking the legends to reveal the true man behind the curtain.)

Robert Nelson, "Communicating with Mars:
The Experiments of Tesla & Hodowanec"

(A look at Tesla's unorthodox experiments in interplanetary communications)

The Ray of Discovery - Nikola Tesla
(video, 90 mins)

Whatever you end up doing this Sunday, we encourage you all to take a moment to remember and recognize this great man, and to consider how you might participate in the important work of not only preserving his legacy, but continuing to expand upon it into the future.

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