Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tesla, HAARP & Free Energy

How important is it to understand the basic building blocks of Tesla Technology relating to HAARP?

The technology exists and has existed for over one hundred years to broadcast tuned energy to anywhere on the globe. Are you aware of the impact on your life? Changes in weather? Soviet Mind Control side-effects?

It is no longer speculation that Tesla technology was developed secretly by the government for use with HAARP. Soviet scientist attempted to weaponize this technology as part of Project Woodpecker. As late as the 80's government officials were still coming to terms with the value of Tesla's research and were baffled at the amount of kook scientists that had glomed on to Tesla. These kooks kept Tesla's memory alive to the present day and inspired the archival efforts of such Borderland Scientists as Gerry Vassilatos and Eric Dollard. Not only archival research but extensions of experimental research much closer to the original conceptions of Tesla yeilded some great information and have continued to inspire a new generation of independant researchers. In the Twenty First century the independent researcher is the primary source of information on Tesla technology and how it possibly "really" works.

Tesla was under seige from the status quo when he was doing his experiments in Colorado. Marconi spoke the narrow language of the times and was adopted inspite of having obviously used Tesla's basic circuits as his own. Marconi used Tesla circuits but in a way that did not apply the wide range of particular tuning that Tesla was able to accomplish.

His word had fallen on deaf ears...until today...

My system is a as system which can be perfectly attuned, and it will transmit to this antenna here, hundreds of thousands of times, millions of times the energy which his device can transmit to his receiver.


Furthermore my system is a system which is exclusive, which can be tuned and rendered private; that of Marconi cannot be tuned. Moreover, his transmitter generates electromagnetic waves of very high frequency, which are absorbed in the air and penetrate only a few miles, while mine produces current waves which pass to the opposite point of the globe with the greatest facility, and can affect instruments at any distance.

If you take these two contemporaneous diagrams, and examine the subsequent developments, you will find that absolutely not a vestige, not a vestige of that apparatus of Marconi remains, and that in all the present system there is nothing but my four-tuned circuits. Everybody is using them.

_Tesla from "The Colorado Experiments"
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Publishing rare alternative science since 1945 we continue to provide some of the very best material on Nikola Tesla for the serious researcher. Borderland Sciences has worked with the Ether concept for over 60 years and has some of the worlds only archives detailing the various ether models. Nikola Tesla used a model of the Ether as Eric Dollard has very well established with his experimental research assisted by the findings of Gerry Vassilatos.


Declassified Patents of Cold War Technology
Tesla Broadcast Power, Journal of Borderland Research

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Louie Ferro said...

One must appreciate all the innovations made by Tesla especially the tesla radiant energy. Without Tesla our ideas on electricity would be incomplete.