Wednesday, March 30, 2011

James E. Bare's "Beam Ray Device"

James E. Bare, D.C., Presents—

The Beam Ray Device:
Construction, Operation, and Effects
on Selected Micro Organisms

The first half of this demonstration video shows a variety of Protozoan micro-organisms being destroyed by a plasma wave originating from the Beam Ray device. This was accomplished without direct connection, through the air, from a distance of about four to five feet. The second half of the video explains in a step by step process how easy it is to actually construct and operate the device. The video tape of micro organism destruction was made entirely with dark field illumination; this method of illumination produces higher resolution and truer color renditions than standard bright field microscopy. A variety of types of destruction of the micro organisms is shown on the video. Some organisms just die, apparently from some sort of metabolic disruption. Another organism shows the effects of internal self-digestion, apparently from lyosome destruction and release of various digestive enzymes. Most organisms just "blow up" and then disintegrate into extremely small particulate matter.

This is just one of the videos now posted on the Borderland Sciences Research Wiki. Priceless information is yours if you choose to accept it.

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