Sunday, May 14, 2006

T.Henry Moray:Radiant Energy

Excerpts from the rare
The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats

The Complex Secret of Dr. T. Henry Moray

by Jorge Resines (Author)

 Contents: Fundamentals, comparison with Dr. Le Bon & Dr. Sagnac, old radio & TV circuits from 1928 applied to Moray’s discoveries; special tubes of Dr. Moray; Moray’s stolen ideas in use; Altered Substances, Healing Tubes to treat substances, Radiant Energy Detector; The Secret of Dr. Moray, reconstruction of Radiant Energy Detector, Improving the Radiant Energy Detector, more.

Radiant Energy
by T. Henry Moray (Author)

If you’re following the elusive trail of free energy, or investigating electrotherapeutics, this is a book you should read. Dr. Moray developed an unusual radiant energy receiver and he also worked on specialized electrotherapeutic tubes.

Talk on Radiant Energy
by T. Henry Moray (Author)
Price: $2.95 Lecture Given by T. Henry Moray
Valley State College :: January 23, 1962 :: Northridge, California
Research paper by this great scientific explorer.

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