Monday, June 16, 2008

Ether is Extra-Dimensional

Ether is Extra-dimensional. Meade Layne described the first Etheric UFOs as the 4D Ether Ship Mystery. Any discussion of the fourth dimension becomes quickly and hopelessly confused when we try to differentiate between various ideas of the fourth dimension ( i.e. equating the fourth dimension with Time.) We are only interested in introducing the idea of extra dimensional theories of the UFO. For a detailed explanation see Meade Layne’s Ether Ship Mystery.

Can living creatures live in this strange energy dimension? As hard as it is to picture anything living in this energy ocean it was when borderland technology emerged that allowed us to perceive this living force these creatures started being observed. The first Etherians were detected psychically in the 1940’s; a startling “scientific” technique that begs a new look into consciousness, physics and the life force. It has been postulated that the intense neurological activity of the brain may directly interface with the Quantum Vacuum in ways that seem to verify the claims of magicians for hundreds of years, that the intention focused brain has an effect on environment in which it is physically embedded.

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