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Water, Plants, Magnetism: A Borderland Study

Water, Plants, Magnetism:
A Borderland Study

Is this collection of four print items YOUR passport to an investigation on the Borderlands of Science? These items are available from the catalog and we have a package for auction at eBay. Here are some brief blurbs and quotes from our research archive material:

Magnetic Water
by E.D. O'Brian, Journal of Borderland Research 1st Quarter 2000

Mesmer, Paracelsus, Hanemann, Reichenbac, Dr. Tiller and others are reviewed in this really interesting nine page overview of magnetism applied to water. This article is an excellent chance to wander through a history of ideas relating to this mystery of life.

"A careful review of all these clues discussed also indicates or at least strongly suggests that water must be present when there is an interaction between a magnetic field and a life form. This is related to the fact that an active life as we know it is completely dependent upon water being present within the life form."



Personality of Plants
by Royal Dixon and Franklyn E. Fitch, 1923

"This is a truly starting fact. Instead of belonging to the earth, the plants then belong primarily to the air. The air is their natural habitat. The earth serves to give them a fixed place in the world and provide them with flavored water to drink."

"Plants are born from seeds, the joint product of two individuals; they live by eating and drinking; the marry and in turn rear families of their own. It is our purpose in this chapter to show, in a very definite way, that this is not mere figurative language but a common-sense statement of fact."

"The first action of the planted Bean is to absorb water to a prodigious amount, and so to wake the quiescent life forces which may have been slumbering within it for years. It is a law of animal and vegetable life that all vital processes must be performed in solution. Without water, life is dead or somnolent."



Water, Sense Organ for the Life of the Earth
by Jennifer Greene

Jennifer Green quotes from Theodore Schwenk extensively in this great article reprinted in The Journal of Borderland Research from The Journal of the Bio-Dynamic Association.

"The wave that has moved in on itself has developed an inner space. Think how this happened in evolution, the development of inner spaces and organs. This is an absolutely archetypal picture of taking the outer surface and making it "in."

"This important phenomenon - the curling in of folds of layers to create a separate organ with a life of its own with the whole organism of the water- does actually occur in the forming of organic structures.. the hollowing out of inner space is a fundamental process,  an archetypal form-gesture in all organic creation... where in the wrinkling, folding invaginating process of gastulation, organs for the development of consciousness are prepared. (Sensitive Chaos, p. 41)"



Implosion, The Secret of Victor Schauberger
Compiled by Riley Crabb, 1985

"There is good reason why rivers wind and twist through valleys and plains. They are trying to preserve the primary  form of the sinosoidal curve produced by the slightly declining planetary movement of the earth. The function of this curve is to create and maintain in rivers a diamagnetic axis which keeps their waters alive and pure and endows them with their carrying and towing capacity. When the meander is eliminated by regulation and furthermore, when the vegetation protecting the banks (willows, alders, etc.) is destroyed, the resulting damage is threefold. First, the magnetic axis is destroyed and the rivers carrying, towing, and cleansing properties are impaired. Secondly, with the shading vegetation gone and the resulting overexposure to sunlight, the oxygen content of the water is overheated, dries out and decomposes. Thirdly, the graded river bed carries off water very rapidly instead of keeping in in the soil. The floor of the river sinks deeper, and deeper causing the underground water to escape and the tale to drop; it "bleeds the land to death"

In a follow up to our last newlitter an associate writes:

"The work of Morley-Martin, Littlefield, and Crosse, together with related experiments by Weeks, Bastian, and Twining, constitute the most remarkable collection of biological, or psycho-biological data in modern science; its import is revolutionary and affects not only all the biological sciences but philosophy and metaphysics as well - yet it has been studiously ignored by contemporary scientists and philosophers alike."

Crosse's Acari was first reprinted in RR Vol. 12, No. 6, which was March & April 1957 under the editorial direction of Meade Layne.

 Now you know.

"Our first account of the acari appeared in FLYING ROLL (now O.P.), Alpha III, March 1948, where it was included in the article THE LITTLEFIELD EXPERIMENTS. It later appeared as an 8-page section of the brochure, THE MORLEY-MARTIN EXPERIMENTS and THE EXPERIMENTS OF DR. CHARLES W. LITTLEFIELD, a BSRA compilation, in which form it is still available ($1.00)."

This version is by Gould and was taken from his book Oddities, but that's mentioned in the 1996 re-reprint.
The later reprint of the Morley Martin book for some reason is listed under Etheric Physics instead of Esoteric Biology.

Tho that's clearly what you wanted to co-sell on your latest spam.

 Whomever this Morley Martin is.


 Palingenesis is the subject of the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges's last ever short story, The Rose of Paracelsus (1983)

Crosses Acari

UNTIL 1836 the English public had never heard of Andrew Crosse. A small circle of friends knew that he lived at a rather dilapidated country-seat in the Quantock Hills, where he spent his time, and what money an encumbered estate allowed him, in electrical experiments. His rustic neighbours spoke of him as “the thunder and lightning man,” and shunned his house like the plague, especially after nightfall, it being a matter of common notoriety that devils, surrounded by lightning, were then to be seen dancing upon wires encircling its grounds.

Read Now:

Get hard copy of Journal of Borderland Research - Vol. 52, No. 03:

The Beginnings and Way of Life
by Charles Wentworth Littlefield (Author)

Price: $49.95

This is an original edition copy of the work of Dr. Charles Littlefield (very few copies are known to exist). Littlefield demonstrated life-forming activity in the mineral realm, with organic lifeforms actually springing from inorganic matter! While crystallizing inorganic substances he demonstrates the creative power of mind by imprinting thought forms into the "inert" substances. Chapters include: The Vital Force, Crystal Prototypes of plants, The Law of Organic Forms, Fixing Thought-Forms in Matter, and more.

The Morley Martin Experiments
Price: $9.95
Subtitle: Experiments of Dr. Charles W. Littlefield & Wilhelm Reich

To the great consternation of the scientific world, Morley Martin succeeded in creating organic life forms in inert Precambrian azoic rock! He proved that there is no death, only latency, and that life is not special to this planet but is a spontaneous universal phenomenon. Dr. Littlefield demonstrated life-forming activity in the mineral realm, with life actually emerging from ‘dead’ rock! While crystallizing inorganic substances, he described many organic forms imprinted into ‘inert’ substances. Includes documentation on Andrew Crosse’s extraordinary experiments where spider-like insects were created from ‘inert’ volcanic pumice, after being treated with galvanic currents. Learn of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s ground-breaking bion experiments — the creation of living, pulsating energy from heat-sterilized substances! Also contains a brief description of disease diagnosis through crystallized blood spots.

Verne Cameron

We came across a little blurb on Verne Cameron, whose work is still available in our eBay offering:

This American pendulist of the 20th century had a most interesting experience. During the Cold War in the 1960's, he was invited by the government of South Africa to help them locate their country's precious natural resources using his pendulum. He was denied a passport by the US government.

The reason is strangely amusing. A few years earlier, Mr. Cameron was invited by the US Navy to test his ability of dowsing. He performed map dowsing or tele-radiesthesia and located correctly every submarine in the Navy's fleet. The US Navy officials were shocked when he could locate not only every US submarine, but also every Russian submarine in the world. As a result, the CIA determined that Verne Cameron was a risk to national security, and he was forbidden to leave the United States.

or at the catalog

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