Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ruth Drown: Radionic Healer

Ruth Drown used a form of spiritual healing that was based on combining the numerological magick of the Qabalah with scientific magick of the human electro-chemical glandular system as stimulated by the circuitry developed by Albert Abrams.

It is very different that the sort of Radionics that we see in the more popular magickal radionic websites that turn up with a search on Radionics.

Ruth was able to intuitively tap into what Israel Regardie calls the middle pillar in a physical way. The spheres of influence on the middle pilliar are similar to the chakras of kundalini yoga. Borderland Scientists have come to understand the chakras as the glandular plexus and glands.

Ruth Drown was able to tap into the energy generating centers of the nervous system with a device that consisted of a silver foot plate and a tin block that would be held against the solar plexus. When the body is placed within this circuit a galvanic current is set in motion. Galvanic electricity flows at very very subtle levels but can be seen to increase with emotional intensity.

The galvanic currents are generated and pass through the glands along the wires of the nervous system. The Drown Radio Therepy box allows this energy to be harnessed and passed through a series of coils that are attached to dials. These dials are calibrated from 1 to 10 and have a direct relationship to the Tree of Life. It can be glimpsed here how the nervous system is the physical tree of life that is spoken about in myth and symbolism.

With a highly developed intutituve sense that is very similar to dowsing she would use what is called a stick pad to detect energy blocks. The stick pad is a rubber diaphram streched over a hollow core. The diamagnetic nature of rubber is harder to explain but gives a reaction between the electomagnetic energies (galvanic currents) of the body and the energies within the healers body.

She was able to then tune the box to correct the energy imbalance and retore the natural harmony of the body's internal etheric structure which is the blue print that the glands use to sustain health.

To learn more about this amazing window into a scientific mysticsm of the human nervous system check out Borderland Sciences Research Foundation which has been around since 1945 exploring these areas.

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